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The Photonics and Optical Communications Group at the UNSW is the home for a wide range of state-of-the art facilities for advanced research in Photonics and is one of the leading labs in Australia providing such facilities.


Details of some of the facilities available at the group is listed below (For recent updates, please click here for details)




  • MCVD Facility


    This lab has recently undergone a major upgradation and new Heathway MCVD control system and lathe is installed




  • Polymer fiber fabrication facility


    The polymer fibre fabrication facility includes;

    •  Material processing systems

    •  Polymerisation systems

    • Fibre drawing rig



  • Advanced planar waveguide fabrication facility

The laboratory has  an advanced planar waveguide fabrication facility based on Hollow Cathode Plasma Enhanced Chemical Vapour Deposition (HC-PECVD) and Hollow Cathode - Reactive Ion Etch (HC-RIE) systems and related techniques.


  • Silica fiber grating and fiber laser fabrication system

The laboratory  hosts a state-of-the-art industrial standard facility for fibre Bragg grating inscription using UV Ar ion laser. Using this facility high standard Bragg gratings can be inscribed in silica fibers.




  • Polymer fiber grating fabrication facility

The polymer fiber grating fabrication  lab has a high power He-Cd laser, Phase masks and modified Sagnac interferometric Bragg grating setup for grating inscription. The lab is also very well facilitated with all necessary auxiliary equipments.



  • UV-IR Tunable Laser MOPO


  • Preform analyzer system


  • Various photonic and optical test and characterization systems