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For PhD Students:-


The Photonics and Optical Communication Group welcomes high calibre students to carry out postgraduate research in a wide range of topics within the discipline of Photonics. Students with background on Physics, Applied Physics, Electrical/Electronics Engineering, Chemistry are encouraged to contact the group.


PhD Scholarships are available to support students who have Australian or New Zealand citizenship or residency visas. To discuss the opportunities please email to Prof. Gang-Ding Peng.


PhD Scholarships are also available for overseas students. However, in this case the applicants would also need to apply for a scholarship to cover their University fees. The two currently available are: Endeavour International Postgraduate Research Scholarship (EIPRS) scheme (funded by the Department of Education, Science and Training (DEST)) and the University International Postgraduate Awards (UIPA) scheme (funded by UNSW). The application process for these Scholarships is handled by the UNSW Graduate Research School. 


The competition for Scholarships is strong and so applicants need to have a strong undergraduate/postgraduate degree. If you would like advice on the strength of a potential application, please contact, Prof. GD  Peng by email at g.peng@unsw.edu.au.


For the oversea students in China, they could also apply the fund from China Scholarship Council (CSC).  It is relatively easier to apply for them and these students are also welcome by our group. Before the success of the application from CSC, they are required to obtain the invitation in advance, for details, please contact Prof. GD. Peng by email at g.peng@unsw.edu.au.  


For more details on the scholarships, please visit the UNSW research scholarships page.





For Postdocs and Visiting Fellows:-


Postdocs/Research associates who have experience in the broad range of photonics are welcome to POCG. Please email to Prof. Gang-Ding Peng to discuss about the project and the funding opportunities available.


Please visit the link below to find out more details regarding different postdoctoral fellowships available to carry out research at UNSW




For Nationals of  European Union, Australia and New Zealand who are registered as students or employed as staff in one of the PANTHER partner universities are eligible to apply for the PANTHER mobility program.


If you are interested in the PANTHER mobility program, either as an incoming visitor from EU to UNSW or as an outgoing visitor from UNSW to EU, please contact the relevant department/groups in UNSW.


For more information on the PANTHER scholarship, please visit: http://panther.meil.pw.edu.pl/