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Special silica optical fibres and devices

  • Rare earth doped fibres, fibre amplifiers and fibre lasers

  • Polarization maintaining fibres, twin-core fibres, electro-optic fibres

  • Fibre couplers

  • Fibre Bragg gratings and long period fibre gratings

Application-specific polymer optical fibres and devices
  • Photosensitive polymer fibres

  • Laser dye-doped polymer optical fibres

  • Electro-optic polymer optical fibres, liquid cyrstal doped polymer fibres

  • Polymer fibre Bragg gratings and long period gratings

Optical fibre sensors
  • Optical fibre hydrophones, strain sensors, gas sensors

  • Polymer optical fibre sensors

Planar photonic and waveguide devices
  • Multimode interference waveguide devices
  • Waveguide gratings, amplifiers, resonators, biosensors
Photonic signal processing techniques
  • Optical testing, interferometer modulation and demodulation
  • DSP techniques, Optical instrumentation
Optical fibre communication systems, WDM technologies, office and home networks