In March 2012, we put in a proposal for an entry into the European QB50 project. Our satellite, called UNSW-EC0, was accepted and the project was started with a budget of $250k. Follow UNSW-EC0 on Facebook and Twitter.

The QB50 Project



Key People

  • Project Leader: Dr Elias Aboutanios
  • Project Manager: Dr Barnaby Osborne
  • Technical Lead: Dr Joon Wayn Cheong


PhD Topics Available

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Professional Profiles

News (updated January 19, 2017)

UNSW-EC0 launch is now scheduled for 16 March as part of the Cygnus OA7 resuply mission to the ISS. The launch will take place from Cape Canaveral on an Atlas V rocket. Follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Paper titled "Rapid Accurate Frequency Estimation of Multiple Resolved Exponentials in Noise" published in Signal Processing.

Paper titled "Recent Advances in Indoor Localization: A Survey on Theoretical Approaches and Applications" published in IEEE Communications Surveys and Tutorials.

Paper titled "Fast Iterative Interpolated Beamforming for Accurate Single Snapshot DOA Estimation" Accepted for publication in IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Letters.