OpenFlow Workshop

One-day workshop conducted by Google at UNSW

When:Friday 9 November 2012, 9:00am - 4:00pm
Where:Room 343A, School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications (G17), University of New South Wales, Kensington, NSW, Australia.
Cost:$300 (individual) or $1000 (group of 4). This price is GST inclusive. (online payment is strongly preferred)
Registration: Please complete the Registration Form and contact Nelly Taubman by email at or by phone at +61 2 9385 6051 as early as possible to reserve your spot (the workshop is limited to 20 seats).
Prerequisite: All participants are required to do the following RouteFlow tutorial prior to arriving to the workshop: Your first OpenFlow network (estimated time: 2 hours) 
NOTE: It has emerged that the above tutorial has some commands that are now deprecated, and the pre-configured system therefore does not work any more. You still need to go through the above web-page to understand the network topology etc. Then, you can go through the updated README which tells you how to install the packages one-by-one, on which you can try the tutorial commands. We apologise for the incovenience this is causing, and hope that you can still do the tutorial (including installation of components) in about 2 hours.
Program: Brochure (please see below for detailed program including dinner arrangement)


What is this workshop about?

The University of New South Wales (UNSW) and Google are collaborating to deliver a Workshop that will draw attention to OpenFlow, which is a method for implementing Software Defined Networking (SDN). SDN is an emerging architecture for computer networking which provides separation of control and data forwarding planes in network equipments, vendor-independent interface (API) between these two planes, and vitualizes the underlying network. SDN breaks with conventional network/device architecture by removing complexity from hardware and adding flexible external control in software, enabling everything from massive datacenter fabrics for cloud/HPC to high performance WAN.

This one-day workshop will give participants hands-on experience in configuring and operating OpenFlow based network switches. Due to its very hand-on nature, it is essential that all participants do the 2-hour tutorial prior to attending the workshop.

Why OpenFlow/SDN?

According to the Open Networking Summit (ONS 2012); "It has the potential to enable network innovation and create choice, and thus help realize new capabilities and address persistent problems with networking. It also promises to give network operators more control of their infrastructure, allowing customization and optimization, therefore reducing overall capital and operational costs".

OpenFlow already has strong support from major network users and providers (Facebook, and Google , and Microsoft), as well as network equipment vendors (Juniper Networks, Cisco Systems, Brocade, HP and IBM). Many vendors are already shipping commercial hardware supporting OpenFlow.  OpenFlow devices are in production use internationally, most publicly in research networks such as NSF's GENI, and Internet2's and Indiana University's Open Science, Scholarship and Services Exchange. Network operators plan to build their infrastructure using this innovative technology.

Who the workshop is for:

The workshop is intended to be both detailed and technical, and therefore should be of particular interest to:

Workshop agenda:

Primary Instructor: Josh Bailey, Google

Other Presenters:

Organiser: A/Prof. Vijay Sivaraman and Dr. Tim Moors, Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW.