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School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW

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Terahertz Innovation Group

The Terahertz Innovation Group is established in 2017, in the School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications, UNSW Sydney. The mission of the group is to identify and solve real world problems with cutting edge research. The group has state-of-the-art terahertz systems, inclduing a fiber coupled time domain spectroscopy (TDS) system and a fiber coupled continuous wave (CW) system for material and device charatcerisation, and a photonics based teratertz communication system. The facilities have been established through UNSW Faculty of Engineering and School of Electrical Engineering and Telecommunications start-up funds, and UNSW Faculty of Engineering Infrastructure grant.

The group has recently received ARC Linkage grant (in partnership with Ericsson AB and Adelaide University) to create a novel class of polymer terahertz fibres to replace the current lossy wires that are bandwidth limited.

Terahertz Spectrum

Terahertz (THz) spectrum is located between microwave and infrared bands. It is loosely defined as 0.1–10 THz (30um-3mm wavelengths). Terahertz frequencies are commonly used for non-invasive imaging and sensing. Terahertz radiation has low photon-energy characteristics, relatively short wavelengths, and ceramics, plastics and paper-based materials are transparent at this range. Terahertz spectrum is identified as the next frontier for future high-speed wireless communications (6G and beyond) since the spectrum offers an enormous bandwidth. The unique atmospheric attenuation offers opportunities to harness this spectrum for a wide range of applications such as relatively longer distance communications over low-attenuation bands (e.g. cellular, vehicular, radar and space communication) and whisper radio communications over high-attenuation bands (e.g. battle field sensors, and on-body health monitors).

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The group would like to acknowledge the support of following funding bodies and partners:

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